Movies this weekend

May 13

“Do files get embarrassed when they are unzipped?” –Unknown

I’m talking to a couple people right now and just chillin’. I changed my cam picture. It was a picture of me and my care bear and now its a picture of me and my HIPPO. I love HIPPOS!!

Anyway….If anyone knows how to add brushes to PSP 7. Please leave a comment because I can download them and unzip them but then I can never add them to PSP.

And HOSTEES if you have AIM please get on it sometime….I would love to hear from you all. I liked talking to you all. SO, come on IM me and if you don’t have AIM, I have YAHOO now. SO, IM me. lol

I’m going to Tricia’s house this weekend. We are going to go to the movies with Emily and Kitten. And then I’m going to spend the night that night and go home Saturday. I can’t wait!!

Off to bed….I hope. I’m waiting for Kitten to get home to get on line so we can talk. : )

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