Vacation and new layout

“I followed the purple hippos all away here….” –Unknown

I am going on vacation with my family this week so I won’t be able to update until this weekend. We are doing the whole family camping thing. What fun?

NEW layout. I hope you like…..It fits my mood nicely. Well, I think so.

Well, I could never be self-centered. Its not me. I use to sit in my room for hours crying, hoping my friends would notice me….notice how I had faded from them. Yet they never said a word, never noticed. I wished they had but they didn’t. But now as I have grown as a person. I have realized now that I love being me….no, matter how sad it gets. I still have some good moments. I know, I know…..I bitch about it all the time but hey, thats me. LOL

I have to finish packing tonight and then we leave tomorrow. I get to work on my “book” and read. I will be glad too. I have need to work on that stuff, for a while. I don’t know how I am going to live with out my computer a whole week. Mom said we might stop by the house long enough for me to check my mail. =) Which is a good thing and I get to go shopping too.

Nikki came over yesterday and we had a ball. It was fun. I love hanging out with that girl. 🙂 Later

I’m off. I want lots of comments and LOTS of emails.