“To some its a six-pack, to me it’s a Support Group.” — Anonymous

Well, I haven’t updated it a few days. I have been busy.

First, I was say to Gwen, my local mall is about 45 minutes. away from my house. I just say it’s local. LOL

I have been downloading music. I burned 2 or 3 CDs today. One for Christina and a couple just for me. I still have to burn one for my mom. But I have to download a couple more songs for her first.

I’m checking email right now…..last night Hotmail wouldn’t let me log in….it wouldn’t even load. I was like WTF?

Well, my mom got the bright idea for us to go out and get KFC and eat it at one of the local parks….do a “family” thing. Well, we did and it sucked.

Anyway…..I went to Chris’s house Saturday. It was fun. I got to meet his family and got to look at lots of his baby pictures. He was so cute.

Oh, yeah….my design site is up at Kinkie Kitty Designs. It is starting to look really really good. =)