Blah & football & me

“Only the foolish believe suffering is just wages for being different.” — Cheshire Cat, American McGee’s Alice

We have our first home football game tomorrow night. I really don’t want to go but then again I do. It’s nice to have a night out with friends yet I hate football. And on top of that I have to go because of half time. Marching band is so fun!! Really, it is! But yeah!

Right now I am upgrading AIM, writing Chris a letter and working on a new layout. Which is looking really good right now. I am working on the code when I get done typing this. Chris’s letter is never going to get finished if I don’t hurry up. I need to go to bed early again but I won’t. I did last night and it felt good to have more then 4 hours of sleep. 🙂

I swear…today I have felt like…blah….I’m not sure why but I do. I cried in the middle of 4th block. Over a lot of bullshit. Like I told Chris in 5 years none of it will matter and I will look back and be like ‘Whatever!’ you know? But it still hurts me and I guess it was over something stupid yet it seemed big to me. I just have wanted to cry really hard all day. It has been just one of those days. WOW! I have wrote like a lot. Well, this entry is longer then the last one. *giggles*

Chris and Sheri are coming home with me tomorrow after school so they both can come to the game and Chris is spending the night. 😀 Then Sat. I get to spend the night with Chris. We are suppose to go see Freddy VS Jason. I can’t wait. I really want to see that movie. 🙂

Anyway…I guess I’m off to finish his letter and work on that layout. Maybe I will get to bed sometime tonight…if I’m lucky! *giggles*