I would so rape him….

“Tell Me About Your Other Stories Like that. Answer Me. What About All Those Times You Looked Me In The Eyes And Said You Lied. You Know Its Over, Its Over. I’m through… GET AWAY FROM ME! STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME! You, Sold Your Soul To Me! ” — Kittie, Raven

😎 Friday night me, Sheri and Phillip all went to see Pirates of the Caribbean. OMG!! It was so good! I loved it. Johnny is SO HOT!! 😀 I love him so much and his acting is so good too. I want to rape him and have his love children. LOL I can’t help it! The man is great! But to make a long story short. Go see it!

We (Sheri, Phillip and me) went to the mall too and I got me some great pants at HOT TOPIC.
my new pants that I love.

Don’t you just love them? I do! Even if they do have pink on them….they are size 0. I couldn’t believe it. Last time I was there 1s was big. So, yeah! : D

Anyway…I came home Sat. around noon and just sat around the house. Tomorrow I’m suppose to go shopping with Chris but I don’t know yet. I really hope I get to.

I think I’m going to burn Chris’s moms cd and then maybe go off to bed. I don’t know….I might just stay on the net for a bit longer.

Oh yeah, I finished my English paper today. I couldn’t believe it. LOL I was proud of myself. 😀 I most of the time wait until the last second to do anything. SO, yAy ME!