School & layout & sheri’s

“In a world of pollution, profanity, adolescence, zits, Brussels sprouts, racism, ozone depletion, sexism, stupid guys, and PMS, why the hell do people still tell me to have a nice day?” — Unknown

Well, as you can see…NEW LAYOUT! I really love this layout….for one, it’s a picture of me. I have a big ego sometimes….look over it. LMAO I made this layout before PSP 7 died on me. Damn thing!! I should be getting Adobe PhotoShop really soon in the mail. Tina mailed it Monday. I hope I get it soon. But anyway…. Tell me what you think about the layout. I have been working on the HTML for the past couple of days. I really wanted everything to look wonderful. Aren’t I great like that? LOL

Anyway, today was the first day back to school. It was FUN….really it was. Well, okay it wasn’t that fun…but yeah. For the first 18 weeks my classes look like this:

1st – Band
2nd – Comp & Tech App
3rd – Sociology
4th – CB Eng IV

It’s not that bad of a line up. My English 4 class is going to be a little hard for me but I think that I can do it. We already have a little homework in there. Start writing down some about yourself….I have almost a page typed in small font. So, I think I got a pretty good head start. And in Sociology we have to look up the meaning of it and find out what a Sociologist does for a living. 🙂 I think I’m going to enjoy my classes this year.

Tomorrow I go to Sheri’s house for her birthday. We are going out to the movies and doing some other shit. 😀 I can’t wait! I haven’t got to spend that much time with her lately. I miss my best friend. Anyway…tell me what you think about the layout! Later

PS: I also had one hostee to leave….I’m sorry she had to go! You will be missed, Vamp!