Tears Of A Crying Soul

“Do You Think I’m A Whore?” –Kittie

[EDIT] Mom said we could use her truck to help move stuff. I guess that’s a start. My mother told me today that she isn’t going to help me move at all. She said if I need any help (like money wise) she wouldn’t help me out at all as long as I lived over there.

Ronda told me I had some balls on me to even tell her. They are suppose to come and get my stuff and me tomorrow. I really hope so. I need more boxes to pack my shit in, but when I asked mom to get me some today as she went out. She told me no, because that would be helping. 😐 Mom is suppose to get me some boxes Monday from her work. So, now I have to have someone go them for me, since neither Chris or I can drive yet.

I have to call and get the net cut off tonight before they take out this months bill (which is on the 15th). I will still be able to update the blog. But this layout will have to stay up for a while for right now. Until we get a phone line run upstairs in our (Chris and I) room. They have the net already on their computer downstairs. They have AOL 9.0…which is okay. I have (had) Wal-Mart Connect. I : h e a r t : Wal-Mart. But anyway…

I was crying because of my English teacher. I swear I am never going to get out of this is damn school. The 5 writings I have aren’t good enough for her. So, now I have to go talk to another English teacher that is going to tell me to work harder, stay after school to get help and when I already do that….wait I do both. I worked really hard on my papers and all I ended up with is shit…all shit… 🙁

Anyway….this class is about to end….I will write sometime tonight maybe tomorrow night if I can get on the computer….It not it might be Monday before I can update again. But yeah, don’t worry I will be okay!!

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