*cough* I have seen better days…. *cough*

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” –Confucius

Just sitting here doing nothing. Drinking Dr. Pepper and hoping for Chris to call me on my cell phone. But Ronda is online right now so, he can’t call me back right now. His cellphone only has like $0.40 cents left on it. Which is really sad… I want to talk to him tonight but it’s okay because he gets to come to my house tomorrow and spend the night.

We have a ball game that night but it’s okay. I have to play my flute at it.

You know what really pisses me off? When people *cough* Ronda *cough* say I have called them a bitch to their face when you know damn well you haven’t. Now, if she wants me to, I can! Because she gives the bitch a bad name. Which is even more worse then…worse…then Goddess I don’t know. It is just bad….

She tried telling Chris I slept with this one guy they moved in. When I know damn well I hadn’t. She is such a fucking liar. That fucking cow. I can’t wait to I can make her eat her words. Nikki wants to come and kick her ass right now. That I would love to see because Nikki is a bad little bitch when she fights. But God, I love her so much. (DnQ)

I am just so tired of her shit. Her lies and her mouth. She doesn’t realize all she is doing is putting her foot in her mouth. I mean all she is doing is digging a hole. What goes around comes around. Lets leave it at that. I use to think she was okay. I mean I didn’t think the world of her but I did have some respect for her. But now, I just feel sorry for her. She is so dumb. You can’t believe all the lies I have cought her in. It pisses me off.

I can handle a lot of shit but once you have lied to me, it’s over. I will never go around you again, I won’t talk to you. I won’t have anything to do with you. But why would I want to? BITCH!!

I got Jenni’s gift in the mail today. I loved it. I got candles and 2 CDs. I got a card and a really pretty candle holder. I have got her a couple things to mail to her now. NOTE TO SELF: Get to post office. I love that girl to death. I need to call her and tell her thanks.

Oh, yeah, I have a new layout up. You like? I love the color purple…can’t you tell? LOL

Anyway, I think it’s about time for me to get going…don’t you think?