More BullShit & Bored

“Life’s a puzzle. I just feel like I’m missing a piece.” –Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I thought I ought to write a more of a blog entry, seeing how the last one was about 60 words talking about how pissed I was.

Today was another day. Sheri spent the night last night. Her father came and picked her up today around 10am. I had to watch the girls today while mom went to work. Dad came home around noon. So, I didn’t have watch them for to long. I am bored out of my mind. I swear. I added a few new smilies. I also just tried to make my comments non-pop ups. I hoped it worked. I am going to check it after I post my entry. That is the only way to check anything with B2 because other wise it won’t show at all. Stupid Cookies! LOL But any who….

Chris and his “family” had a talk last night. He is suppose to get more “freedom” now since Tony told Ronda if she doesn’t let him, that he (Tony) was going to leave her. But I think he really is in on it with her. I mean this stupid shit has to stop. I mean Ronda will make Chris go all the way down stairs to get the TV remote that is right in front of her on the table. I mean that’s just stupid.

I use to like that women but now I just want to hurt her. I mean, she can’t go around treating people like that. It’s not fair to no one. It’s bullshit. I hate that about her. She thinks she is God when she isn’t even close.

Chris might still get to come over here tomorrow. I hope. I miss him so much. I love him and I just want to make sure that he gets treated well. I can’t stand to see people I love hurt. You know?

But any who, I guess I will go.

Oh, yeah I made a new error page. Check it out here.