Someone Else’s Dream

“Let me see how this sounds, let me repeat it ‘You kinky ass WHORE'” –Rainbow to Kitten on 10.17.03

I put up a few new smilies. 😀 I can’t help it. I love them. Anytime I find good ones I have to add them. But any who….

I have been wondering if anyone knows any good B2 Hacks that I could get and download. I am looking around for a few. I love B2 but I know for a fact they have hacks but I just don’t any good places to get them…right now I am at bo which is the They have a few but I don’t know what I’m really looking for. I want to learn how to do b2 by myself. You know?

I am in a little bit of a writing mood yet I don’t know what I really want to write about. I guess that is why I am updating my blog. I have been aiming to update more often. But I get tired and then I don’t know what to write about. I need a more interesting life. But everyone knows my life only deals with Chris and my computer. LMAO

I kept my fingers crossed hoping that Chris would get to come over and get to spend the night and he does. YAY!! He does get to come over Saturday and stay all night. 😀 I am so happy.

You know what I have decided that I will put a fire cracker under Ronda’s ass…I believe that would make her ass get up. Dumb Bitch!! But any who…

I am working on a more simpler layout for Faded Stars. I want something simple yet to the point. I don’t like these layouts that take 20 minutes to load and then it’s a image they took off someone else site and added a few colors and turned it in to a .png file…which take FOREVER to load on dial up. I’m just glad I have a cellphone now that I can get a call and still be online, which I hardly ever get a call….

I am waiting for Tina to do a few B2 hacks for me now but I told her to get around to it when ever….I am in no hurry. I never am. 😀 I am great like that.