Daily Life…as always

Tara I agree with you. The smiles did kind of look clashy all different colors. I decided to go with more of a simple gray smiles from Beccary.Com. I like them and they are all the same color. Which is good. 🙂

I have a list of things to do. Not a big list anymore. I cleaned a lot in the past day or two. I cleaned the living room and kitchen. Last night, Keith helped me clean up the bed room. You couldn’t even see the floor. Well, you could see a little parts here and there. I just hadn’t put any of the clothes away in a week or so. No, the only thing that needs to be done is the little things. Pick up stuff here and there, put dishes away. Stuff like that. Which I am glad for. I am very tired of cleaning. I want a break. :yawn:

I got to shoot my first gun Sunday. I shoot a 9 mm. I shoot 9 rounds and got all 9 rounds on the target. I was very proud. At first I didn’t want to shoot it but after I did. I was like this isn’t that bad. :cute: I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I was all piss scared I wasn’t going to like it or it was going to be hard. It turned out pretty easy and pretty good. :yummy:

I almost forgot. Keith and I got the gameboy addon for the game cude and we bought Super Mario Brothers 3. We have been playing the hell out of it. :tv: I love that game. I want all the old Mario games.

I’m off to work a little on the house. Well, try too. I have to get my lazy butt up first.

3 thoughts on “Daily Life…as always

  1. I love these smilies, they all look great in that scheme.

    Your first time on a gun and a great score, that’s nice!

    Super Mario 3 has to be my favorite Nintento game ever! :grin::tv:

  2. :idea:Hey Rainbow, 🙂

    Honestly, getting a little annoyed that we haven’t spoken in soo long. Hopefully, we can talk soon! I love the new look! It’s really pretty! Wow, you shot a gun..does that sound right? :dead: wow, was it scary? I would have freaked out…lol. Super Mario Brothers 3, oooo OLD-SCHOOL :laidback: have fun playing it!!! Hope you’re safe and well. Chow!


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