Moody Mother Earth

I’m glad I’m not the only one that finds it wrong about the Scott Peterson fan site. But anyway, new subject I suppose.

Thank you for every ones loving comments about Lily. She will be missed. 😥 Caroline gets Cheddar (baby) this weekend. Keith and I are going to fix up a little care package for her. We are going to include all of her favorite foods/snacks and a little house thing that she has been sleeping in and so on. I think Caroline is going to be a good little caregiver. I am very proud of her. She has ADHD and since she started school it has gotten worse. But since they put her on some new medication she has done so good. 😀 We (my family, Keith and I) are so proud. Mom thinks having a small pet like Cheddar with help. I think so too.

Speaking of Cheddar, he is doing very well. He is growing up so fast. I keep thinking “WOW! How does something this small when born, grow up so fast?” It’s so unreal.

I swear the weather here is being very moody. LOL I promise! Last night it was snowing a little before Keith got home from work. Then when we was going to bed last night it was raining. :rain: WTF? What is going on? I think the mother earth is on her rag. *giggles* I crack myself up.

Last night I wrote a tutorial about changing a site over from HTML to XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Tonight I believe I am going to add a tutorial about CSS and some basic HTML stuff. I also added a downloads page. It only has three things on it but I am going to go through all my scripts I find useful and put them on there. I promise to give full credit to who ever wrote them. I just will upload a version I edited to make valid in XHTML. I love the scripts I use and I thought that maybe some other people might want them.

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  1. Hey Rainbow, 🙂

    Aww, I’m happy Caroline has a little pet she can play with. That’s really great she’s getting better! The weather here is crazy too! It was super hot one day and the next day, it was SUPER cold..crazy eh? lol..Well hope you’re safe and well! Chow!


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