Weekend Woes

I hate riding in a car for a hour just to see family members that I don’t feel like seeing. I love my family and Keith’s family but damn! I want Keith and Rainbow time. But I shouldn’t bitch, we are spending a lot more time together. Yay, for hubby time. *dances* 😳 I guess that’s the only reason for woes. I don’t really have woes for anything else besides the normal.

New subject, I suppose. I put in a application to be a staff member at the hatelistings.net. I hope I get picked. I haven’t really ever been a staff member for someone else. Trust me, I have the time.

The weather has been so messed up in the past couple of days. Yesterday it was at least 50F outside and the sun :sun: out. Today and tonight has been getting colder and went from rain :rain: to suppose to snow tonight. WTF? Everyone is going to get sick again, including me. I just got over being sick a week ago. Damn weather.

Keith will be home in a little while. I am making supper. I made shake-n-bake pork chops and bake potatoes. I love pork chops. One of my favorite foods ever. I am so glad I can cook.

I suppose a short entry tonight. I’m not sure why. I don’t feel like a writing mood. Well, not words anyway. I’m in a code (HTML) writing mood. Which is good. I’m working on a new layout. Something simple but wonderful. Got to love getting out of a layout block.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Woes

  1. I hope you get picked to be a staff member at thl 🙂
    the weather has been the same around here..one day its beautiful out and then i woke up this morning with a ton of snow outside >.<

  2. yay for the breaking of the layout block!
    I hope you get the staff position at the hatelistings site, i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. the new one that’s been linked on the main page, the hate listing for thefanlistings.org staff members, made me laugh. its here http://hate.acidgloss.net/stfl/
    could you imagine telling yourself a year ago that you’d have a blog entry titled “WEEKEND woes”? (I’m talking about when you were in high school, heh)

    you should come bake me some potatoes. mhm *nods*
    i can’t cook

  3. Damn I wish I could cook, I’m so bad. I made chips last night from potatoes (well, obviously..) and couldn’t even manage that!

  4. ster says:

    ooh good luck on your job! that would be super awesome. i’ll keep my fingers crossed! :looksdown: i :heart: that face. it’s so cute!

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