WTF? and Poor Lily

I feel very disturbed and you know why I feel disturbed? Because there is a fanlisting for Scott Peterson. A fucking fanlisting no less for him. WTF? :yuck: I can’t believe this girl. And you know the reason why she says she likes him. Because his cute, charming. WTF is charming about a man that could have killed his wife and unborn child. Oh, yeah, thats charming to me. NO!!

She had plugged her site on my plugboard. I took it down, that’s why my button is in the replacement of it. I wrote her an email/guestbook entry. I just told her to not place her button on my plugboard anymore. I even said please. She just wrote me back saying sorry. At least she seems nice. But so did Scott Peterson….right? I guess I am making a big deal out of nothing. I just feel very disturbed. And if the webmaster reads this post: I didn’t mean to be rude in this post. It just I can’t believe it. Sorry.

But anyway, Lily our hammie mommy. She died last night. Keith and I aren’t sure of what but we both are very upset. I’m just glad the baby is old enough she still didn’t need her mom. We was fixing to take her out of the cage anyway. Poor Lily. 😥

We cleaned out Lilys cage last night and put Egg back in there and we have the baby in a cage by herself. (We believe she is a girl.) She seems to like it okay. Keith and I decided to go a head and get another female in the next couple of weeks. Not this week but maybe in a few. We both very upset. 😐

I watched Air Force One last night. I hadn’t never seen it and WOW a very good movie. I thought since it would mainly take place on a plane it would be very dumb. Not at all. You was on the edge of your seat the whole time. I was just keep saying “wow”, “OMG”, “what’s going to happen next?”, “Keith tell me!!”. LOL It was funny. I think Keith got upset with me because I kept asking questions and talking. I couldn’t help it. It was just one of those movies.

9 thoughts on “WTF? and Poor Lily

  1. Air force one, I remember that. RIP Lilly. Yeah I heard about that FL but I lost the url. When I went to it she was on hiatus so yeah.

  2. Hey Rainbow. 🙂

    Oh wow, I’m sorry but that really upsets me. I can’t believe someone would do that and she was allowed to open the site…that’s just makes me SO mad. Anyhoo, enough of that..I’m soo sorry to hear about Lily. She’s in a better place..oh gosh I’m crying..sorry, it’s just I hate when animals die..oh lord, I’m really sorry..I hope you’re safe and well. Sorry again.


  3. Jo says:

    I saw that on your plugboard too, and I was like WTF??? How sick is that. He’s been convicted of murder, and you want to make a fan site for the man? It’s not bad enough he killed his wife, but his OWN unborn son too. That pisses me off. Yea, he’s a good looking guy, but he’s a fuckin’ asshole.

  4. Yvette says:

    I’m the one with the Scott fansite. I really am sorry for posting it here,but some plugboard owners don’t get upset and I don’t know which ones will until I post it!

  5. Poor lily, snif, may she rest in peace. I give you my condolences. As for the girl with the fanlisting… well I don’t know how to react really i don’t know anything about that peterson fellow. From the soudns of it however it seems pretty creepy. Although, there will always be people who part with the unlikly choice. For instance, thikn about it this way, after all we hear about god and all the stories we hear you find people who worship the devil. Like asking for something bad almost, but I suppose I houldn’t critisize, I don’t know their sides of things. Glad you liked the movie, i havn’t seen it, but maybe I will soon, seeing how you likd it soo much. I lve your newskins, they are very nice, but if I may make a small suggestion, I think it would really have an impact if you had an image in the top part of the blank side, and have it gradient fade into what ever coulour that skin has there. That would be cool! But never the less, the skin is pretty nice without it.

  6. That’s disturbing. I wonder how much of it is just for attention. And that takes the sadness to a new level. I can’t believe people think supporting things like that is cool/funny.

  7. I seen that fanlisting for scott, it blew me away that someone could like this guy, his wife and girlfriend did but they didn’t know what kind of man he was. Its sad if it just all for attention.

  8. Yvette says:

    A lot of women like Scott Peterson. He even gets “stacks” of fanmail… and I’ve only written him once. I made the site because I love Scott;not for attention.

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