My dear old Carmex

Keith and I got up around 9am went and did all the running but we couldn’t go to H and R Block because they where closed today. Stupid H and R Block!! :grr: We are going Monday since they should be open that day. We have to get our taxes fixed. Well, at least I want to hurry up and get them fixed because we should get a check from $350 to $500 back. Which is good! That means we can give a payment :money: to his dad. Which I know he would be happy about that. 😀

I ended up taking a long nap today. I slept from 4:30pm to 6:40pm. It felt good to just fall a sleep and not have to wake up to an screaming alarm. I hate alarms with a passion. :yuck: I always want to pick them up and throw them across the room.

I have to get Keith up in a couple hours and I know he isn’t going to want to get up. He never does because he doesn’t want to go to work. Which is normal since I think no one wants to get out of bed and go to work. Work isn’t fun. That’s why I want to get a job doing design, that’s the reason I bought my other domain and started a design site. I would love to wake up everyday knowing that my job was web design. Getting paid to do something I love. How great? I get paid now but I mean making enough money I didn’t have to ask my husband for money. You know? I guess I am rambling. That’s something new. NO! LOL

I still never did find out who nascarred08 was. I almost know for a fact who it is but I would like to know for sure before I get my knickers in a twist. But every time I log on to Yahoo she/he is not signed on, well she/he is sighed on because Yahoo profiles website says she/he is. So, I don’t think she/he realizes that when you add a buddy to Yahoo it lets that person know you added them. So, yeah. 😐

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  1. What the heck? H&R Block isn’t open on Friday? What kind of place is that? Although, I do know the one by my house is only open on Sunday and Tuesday from like 4:00am to 5:17AM :-p Only Kidding, but their hours ARE horrible.. I hope you got those light bulbs..because I forgot mine 😀

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