To do list.

I don’t have a lot to do but I do have a little.

1. Add login page to script
2. Make thumbnails links (for script)
3. Pick up living room
4. Make new layout (I really hate this one)
5. Take pictures of sewing projects and upload them.
6. Take pictures of pet mice and upload them.

WOW! Their is more on that list then I thought about. DAMN! I need to get on it.

Oh yeah, I got a 17″ LCD monitor the other day. It looks so nice but the only thing I don’t like is the fact that my resolution is so high (1280 x 1024). I was use to 1024 x 768. I am going to have to get new wallpapers or make new ones. LOL I’m getting use to have more room on my screen. I like it when I am typing out code. I don’t have to scroll as much. Which is good. 🙂

Be for I forget, we got two new little pets (white mice). We got a male and female. So, cute. I like them just as much or even more then the hammies which is saying a lot. I like the fact they are so friendly and so loving. We names them Mario and Princess. Cute, huh? Keith came up with it. I keep naming off odd names and stuff that I didn’t even like and as soon as he said Mario and Princess. I feel in love. LOL

2 thoughts on “To do list.

  1. I’m wondering what Christina is wondering. Bagpipes are cool though. When I got my new monitor, I got used to the new resolution farily quickly. And actually when I switched back to my other computers, I hated it! I want a flat-panel monitor so there’s more room on my desk for stuff other than paper 😆 Have fun with Mario and Princess 🙂

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