Well, being female sucks

TMI: If you read it will have to much info.

I started my period today. It hurt so bad. I almost cried a couple times. It hasn’t hurt this bad in a long time. I am thinking about going back on the pill for a while or go get on the shot. I heard while on the shot you don’t have a period. That would be nice. But on the pill I know when I would have my period.

I guess I better go. Keith is home and I would like to spend time with him.

5 thoughts on “Well, being female sucks

  1. I’m not sure if you get the shot if your period stops completely. I know there’s a pill out there that make you have your period only four times a year instead of every month.

  2. i recommend heating pads that you can get from walmart over in the medication section. they last for 8 hours and seriously help get rid of cramps! 😉 hope you feel better.

  3. Aww, I know how that is. *hugs* I’ve heard that despite what you take (the pill, shot, etc), there’s always the risk of spotting, esp. when you first start taking them. Heating pads sometimes help a bit, but I think it’s more of the idea that I have a heating pad on that tricks my mind into thinking I’m better. I’ve noticed that taking women’s daily supplaments (sp) help. They contain extra vitiamns and minerals that women tend to loose, so PMS and the period are sometimes easier if you’re getting what you need.

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