Do you know how fast cable internet is?

June 1

We had the cable internet hooked up today. YAY! :hearts: I’m in love. LOL I can’t believe how much faster it is. I was used to shitty :poo: dial-up. Today I got up around 11:30am and waited till 12:45pm or so before the cable guy came. I was so glad to see that man. I mean, come on, he came bearing internet. Finally around 1:15 or so it was done. Yes! No more dial-up for Rainbow.

I have been working on this layout for the past day or so. I kept working on different layouts and then deleting them after about 10 minutes of working on them. I finally started working on this one and fell in love. I really love the colors. Something different from the normal blue or purple everyone is use to here. 🙂

We find out Friday if Cookie can stay with us. See, our land lord doesn’t own the building we live in. He is only running it for someone else and he has to ask the guy that owns the apartments if we can. He said far as he cares its fine but he must ask the other guy. *crosses fingers* I hope. :looksleft:

Well, I guess I am off for a while. I want to work on my blanket I am crocheting for Judy for either her birthday or her yule gift. :giftbox: It just depends on when I get it done. I have maybe 1/4 done but it is coming a long well. It is done in rainbow yarn.

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  1. Kristin – Jun 2, 2005 at 01:58

    Dialup sucks big ones! I’ll go join your hatelisting, lol. Hoorray for you and cable internet!

  2. Amanda – Jun 2, 2005 at 11:23

    Pretty new skin! It’s looks great! I got cable a while back, and when I go to my friend’s house, I can’t believe how slow it is! There’s no turning back for me at this point. I hope cookie will be able to stay with you.

  3. Dorka – Jun 2, 2005 at 14:24

    Go you & your cable internet. lol. DIAL UP SUCKS! It’s about time you got rid of it. hehe. :heart:

    Love the new layout. You always come up with great stuff!

    I wish I could knit and crochet. I’m not good with any of that, although I’m sure if I tried, it might not be too hard.

  4. Jenn – Jun 2, 2005 at 15:01

    thankfully I don’t remeber the trials and tribulations of…the “d” word. I’m so glad I have dialup!!

  5. ster – Jun 3, 2005 at 13:57

    yo. i like the layout! it’s summer-y without the lemons and umbrellas, you know? it’s different. i like. :heart:

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