Happy late 4th!

Happy last 4th of July! :usa: We didn’t do anything for the 4th of July. We stayed home and grilled. I love Keith’s grilled food. :yummy:

I ended up not working for the Martini-Lounge. I never got emailed back. It’s okay. I had fun hanging out with just Keith. I liked our alone time. 😉

I finally got a livejournal. I kept telling myself no, but I got one anyway. :pencil: One reason is, a lot of my online friends have one and I can’t read them unless I have a LJ. I will just post the same thing I do in my blog. I have no other reason for one.

I started writing in a offline journal. I have been in a very writing mood but the funny thing is I haven’t updated my blog. :lmao: Isn’t that how it always is? *giggles*

I am fixing to start breakfast. Keith has to work today and tomorrow but then he gets two days off and works the weekend. I will miss my baby.

One thought on “Happy late 4th!

  1. Happy 4th of July to you to. That’s like your… Independence day or something? I don’t really know, being Canadian and all. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get the job at the Martini-Lounge, it’s unfortunate. At least you got some good grilled food, eh? I have a Live journal, except i don’t understand how to customize it at all. In all fairness, I hardly tried to figure it out, but still, I’m not to fond of it. As I wish I would always say “what ever blows your balloon.”

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