Missing him.

I have spent my lovely Friday night sitting at home doing nothing but watching the tv. Keith is at work. I am so glad he is off work this weekend. We get to have US time. I miss him so much. I think I realize how long he really is gone during work hours now because well, I’m a wake during those hours now. :frown:

I am now a moderator over at eXPOSURE. It’s pretty cool. I have spend about two hours just trying to knock down some of the pending members. I haven’t knocked down many but I am trying. I also filled out a form over at the Martini Lounge to become a webmaster. I hope I get the position. About 5 positions are open so I have a chance. *crosses fingers* I would really like to start making a little more money :money: from web design. I think I am doing pretty good but I also know I could do so much better. 🙂 I have dreams too, you know? :lmao:

I called the hospital today to find out how much money we are going to have to fork out. Guess the total? Just guess. Your answer: $1,292.62. Yeah. :wow: That’s all I got. Is Wow. I mean, how are we going to pay that. I can’t believe how much health care is now. We go Wednesday to talk to someone in Financial Counseling Department. It’s crazy. They said since Keith has a lower paying job now that we might be able to get some of it payed for. Which would be so nice.

The weather seems to be finally clearing up nicely here. I was so tired of seeing rain. I like the sun. I really do. But on the other coin I know that we needed some rain. Everything was looking so dead. I like the green. I love summer. I really hate that it is going by so fast. It seems it just got this way. Before to long the cold is going to come back. :yuck:

3 thoughts on “Missing him.

  1. Congrats on the job over at eXPOSURE. I’m lovin that site right now, getting so many commentors from them 🙂

    Wow geez, that is one hell of a hospital bill. Hopefully you will be able to get some of it paid for.

  2. Congrats on getting the position at eXPOSURE. that’s pretty aweosome!

    Hopefully, the financial dept. will come through and help pay for the hospital bill.

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