To nice

To answer some questions people left in my past entry. Yes it did hurt but not as bad as I had thought. 😆 I do like math but not the reason why I got the tattoo. I got it because I wanted something showed how I feel about my husband. :hearts: Something that shows that I want to be with him forever. I’m pretty sure that infinity shows that. LOL By the way, never be scared to get or do anything. Trust me. I was so scared with my first tattoo not because it was a tattoo but I was scared what my dad was going to say. Four tattoo’s later, here I am. Don’t let it worry you. It’s a really neat feeling while your getting them. They hurt in some places and others you won’t even know your getting one. It’s really cool. 🙂

Thank you for all the votes. It means a lot to me but as everyone can see I’m not even in the top 5. I guess since I’m not offering money I won’t get that many votes but oh, well. At least I’m trying right. The other thing I vote for everyone that has that sign up. I can’t help it. I want to help people. Is that to nice of me?

I just woke up and I am super hungry. I will write more. I am starting to get a little dizzy. Not good.

4 thoughts on “To nice

  1. Tiss a sweet tatoo sir. I’ve always thought about getting one, but I’m a total whimp, and seeing how I get bored with things so quickly, chanes are I’ll get ick of my tatoo pretty quickly. I just stick to drawing on myself wiht markers for now 😀

  2. wow getting a tattoo seems fun , even though the pain. I always wanted one but then again im not good with pain , but you never know. seems cool though.

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