Kind of mad about the IPod deal

I’m kind of upset because it looks like they changed their TOS/rules for the giveaway. Now, in addition to doing a quiz and having 10 people do the same, you must also purchase $100 worth of merchandise. What bullcrap. I wish I had been smart like Jennifer and printed the TOS/rules after I joined. Now I am very upset. It looks like I will never get a few Ipod. Oh well. Keith says that the Ipods aren’t that great. They die after a while and everything. Not really worth the money.

I have been sending postcards like crazy. I love them so much. Chet said that he had a huge box of them some where and that he would find the for me and I could have them. How cool is that? :yay: That rocks. I told Nathan for Christmas that give me postcards is always good. That goes for everyone. I love them. I need to start a web ring or something. 😆 😀

I have six to reply to and then I have few just to write. I hope I have enough stamps. I have a book of 31 cent stamps. I think that I will use them if I run out of 23 cent stamps. I’m not sure why I have a book of 31 cent stamps but oh well. If they work, they work. I’m a dork like that. :looksleft:

Keith is working over tonight. He went in a 4 pm and he should get off work around 12:30am. I really hope he gets off work on time. I want to see him very bad.

I’m off for now. I have postcards to write and web rings to look up because now I want to do that. :lmao: I know I am such a dork but oh well.

4 thoughts on “Kind of mad about the IPod deal

  1. Nooo, do not tell me ipods die! my mom just bought me an ipod shuffle for my bday and I´m pretty attached to it…. anyways, i think that´s nasty what they did.they shouldn´t be allowed to do that. bad bad bad

  2. I had an iPod but I broke it… Then I got a Creative Zen Micro… In comparison, the Micro is more like the iPod mini but as a product, I personally like it a LOT more than the iPod anything. My husband has a Creative Zen Touch which would be comparable to the regular iPod. If you decide to go out and buy an MP3 player, then you should check those out =)

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