Tired but here

October 29

I’m tired but I’m here. I will be more happy once I get my check and see how my hard work has paid off. I know not very much but it does pay. I will have 39 hours in this week at close. Thank god tomorrow is my day off. Then next week I think I have around 35 hours. I’m getting the hours but WOW I am so tired. I try to get as much sleep as I can but I still want to see my baby.

We are doing better not the best but better. I love him so much. :hearts: I just want us to be better. I know we are working on it but now since I’m work and he is working. Neither one of us really see each other to talk. Maybe we will next week sometime. We have one day off together. That day is us day! 😆

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  1. Nguyen – Nov 2, 2005 at 18:08

    Your life seems to revolve around work. YOu need to take a rest whenever you can. Let your baby sleep with you. lol. that’s spending time witht the baby.

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