I rock.

Nothing much has been going on. I had a pretty good two days off. I have really enjoyed being away from work. It’s just awesome. :woot:

We went out to eat with Keith’s family and spent sometime with them today. We spend last night with my family. It was very nice. We don’t get to see our families very often and I enjoy the time we do get.

I have been working on Chet’s site for about 3 hours fixing little things that I have been aiming to fix for weeks now and just now had the time. I fixed mostly code that now one will notice but me because I’m very picky like that. I just got off the phone with Chet and he seems to really like what I did. The little things are what makes a site. People notice the little things. 🙂

Keith and I are fixing to go to bed soon I believe. I think I might get a shower before hand so I don’t have to get one before work. Wet hair before work is very bad. It goes every where. :yuck:

I was so right about my check. I got $396 and some change. I am good like that. I’m going to have such a large check for next time around. I’m going to have a lot of over time hours. I had a little over 43 hours last week and I believe I’m going to have around 46 or so this week. That will be a lot of extra money. Which we need since Keith lost his job. Keith has been looking but in the mean time I’m the one making the money. We must be smart about it all. :looksdown:

I feel a lot better today then I did last week. I think I’m finally getting over everything. I think I just needed to rest. Everyone at Wendy’s get’s two or more days off but can Jennifer NO that is asking to much. Stupid Wendy’s sometimes.

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  1. It appears that you put a new layout up, it’s great. Having no time off work is a burden on anyone who hasn’t had any well deserved time off. I’m glad you got to spend some time with Keith. I’m sorry to hear that Keith lost his job; I didn’t read about that, but I’ll have a look through your previous entries.

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