Who’s a dork?

Work is going to get a lot worse. We start staying open to 1am not the normal 12am. We (which means me) will have to go in at the same time but will won’t be leaving until at least 2am or later. Normally I don’t get out of work until 1am anyway. :yuck: This sucks so bad. I’m not sure when this is suppose to start happening but it is for sure happening.

My caned diced peaches and pears I’m eating for breakfast don’t have a very good taste to them. I love them normally but today they taste. . .odd. It could be because I just woke up not to long ago and I’m drinking Yoo-Hoo. Don’t give me that look. Yoo-Hoo is good.

I think I shall kill all of the spam bots. I had 8 comments I had to delete today already and my guestbook has so many it’s not even funny. Stupid Simpbook. I’m fixing to change over to BellaBook. You can add smilies and have gravatars. I’m looking forward to adding that. Have it look all neat and stuff. 🙂 I love coding.

7 thoughts on “Who’s a dork?

  1. For some reason, I’ve been getting spam in my blog. I swear that my blog won’t process comments unless they enter that little number. Now it’s time to start filtering words, or change one thing to see how the comments are appearing two days after they supposedly were submitted. Spambots need to die.

    I’d move over to bellabook, but I don’t like flat-file databases.

  2. Bellabook seems to have gotten spammed too! Good luck with fighting, my wordpress has been spammed but they’ve been caught by the moderated comments feature.

  3. I’ve been getting alot more spam comments from “phentermine” and such. They go into the moderation queue, but nonetheless it’s pretty annoying.

    If you find a fix for it, definitely post about it! 🙂

  4. CJ says:

    Aw… doesn’t it suck when you can’t sleep all the time! Einstein slept 18 hours out of the day and no one was riding his case to get a job! GRRR!!!

  5. I’ve just started to get spam comments too! Drive me insane!! 👿

    Shit… finishing at 2am! That sucks.. as long as you don’t have to start early!

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