Anniversary coming up

Keith and I have an turn around in our marriage. We had a big fight. Well, big doesn’t even start to get to what really happen. I’m not sure how it got started but it did. We are doing better. We agreed to disagree on some things and very much agreed on others.

So, here we are, Monday being our two year wedding anniversary and nothing to do. It kind of sucks. We are both off from work and nothing to do. I’m not even sure if their is any movies in right now we would want to see. We may just rent a couple and say home. I’m not sure.

I have to start getting ready for work from 5 – 2am and then I have to be back at work from 10am – 8pm. I have a long two days. I’m off.

6 thoughts on “Anniversary coming up

  1. I don’t want to say I’m sorry that you and your husband had a fight. Hey, sometimes those fights make relationships stronger, right? Belated {happy) wedding anniversary. Hopefully things will start to get exciting soon. 😉

  2. I’m glad you and Keith had a turn around. Congrats on two years! It’s nice just staying home sometimes, hopefully you found something fun to do.

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