Where did it go. . .

Another day has come and gone. In 6 days I will be 22. WTF? When did this happen? When did I wake up and realize I’m 21? Where did the time go? It seems like last week I was 16, didn’t have a care in the world. But now, I’m 22.

My dad once told me “Your wishing your life away.” I never did believe him. He also said “You wish you was 16, then 18, then 21 before you know it you wake up 40 with a house, kids, etc.” I never truly believed him until later. Here I am, blinking and now my life is flashing before my eyes. When did it happen? I’m so scared I’m going to wake up 40. That scares the living hell out of me. I’m missing the best years of my life. I believe next year I will set goals. One, going back to school (maybe a degree in Business math or something like that), two, get my own place with NO room mates (nothing wrong with room mates); just us two and kitty, three, buy myself something for no good reason. Yeah, sounds easy. . .never easy. lol I will be making more money, CJ will have a job and everything will come together. 😉 I have hopes. I have dreams. I once read in someones blog “All Dreams are Dead. So make new ones”. This I will do.

New dreams, new beginings, new life. I have what it takes. I’m smart. I’m a great person. I am ME!!

7 thoughts on “Where did it go. . .

  1. [quote comment=”4239″]I need a vacation from life! Can we just run away together? :love:[/quote]
    We need too. I mean, why not? You are my other-other half. lol 😆

  2. Yeah, I know exactly what you are feeling. I’m 23 and it amazes to think about all the years that have gone by, and so quickly, too. I remember when I was 15 wishing to be in my 20s and here I am! Wow.

    Now that am come to terms that I’m not getting any younger and I have set realistic goals and I’m determined to achieve them. Good luck with your goals!

  3. [quote comment=”4249″]I need a vacation from life! Can we just run away together? :love:
    We need too. I mean, why not? You are my other-other half. lol :lol:[/quote]

    Ok, It’s on! Vegas here we come baby! lol

  4. Hey happy belated birthday! I know exactly how you feel. I’ll be 23 in a few days and that scares me. I feel like I’ve let my life slip by too. There’s so much that I could be doing, but I’m not doing it.

  5. Anonymous Wanderer says:

    “I believe next year I will set goals.”

    There’s the first problem – Do it NOW! Never a better time than the present. What will be ready tomorrow that wasn’t ready today? Nothing. Tomorrow is an excuse, today is an opportunity. Make a power move. You will feel 50x better if you take a big step right now, today. Want to go back to school? Get an application and send it in, TODAY, for next semester. Make it happen, you are in control, you are at the wheel.

    Wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which one fills up faster.

    Good luck.

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