Allergic to birth control

Before anyone reads; TMI:

I have such allergic reactions to just about every type of birth control. I can’t use latex condoms. I can’t use the patch, the sticky on them break me out. I can’t use most pills to strong and I get sick. I was on the Nuva Ring but they think where I have been on it for over two years that it might be giving me high blood pressure and all my headaches.

They are trying me out on this new pill called the mini-pill or P.O.P. Not sure. And if it works for three months then they are going to try the IUD. Which sounds good but what if I want children before the 5 years are up or something like that. Can I change it or what I don’t like it? Am I allowed to change? I have so many questions.

I know some facts. I don’t need children right now. I want something I don’t have to take everyday and something that I’m not going to worry about or having stomach aches with or headaches with or something like that. I’m worried that I’m going to bleed really bad. I have always had problems with my periods.

Just in the last few months has my periods finally went from 5 days a month to 3. I was in love but I have headaches about 4-5 days a week. Which I hated. But what do you do? Hope for the best. . .I guess. I’m trying to look at everything.

2 thoughts on “Allergic to birth control

  1. I’m sure that with our web-savvy…ness…, you’ve already Googled IUD and all that, but I just looked it up out of curiosity and it seems like you can change and have it removed before the 5 years are up. But I would clarify with the doctors just in case – you *are* allowed to ask them those burning questions, after all. I know this situation sucks though, and I hope you find a proper solution without too much more of this trial-and-error experimentation! *hug*

  2. I think you’ll love the IUD. I think I explained in a comment earlier about the two types. Mirena can be left in for 5 years and ParaGard up to 10 years, but they don’t have to be left in that long if you plan on having children. You and your doctor can discuss to see what works best for you. Feel better.

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