I truly don’t get it

You know what I don’t get. Okay. So everyone gets what the hell is going on. We are going to have a couple named Boy and Girl. Boy and Girl is our friends. Well, was our friends. This is how it starts. Sit down for a while. I have a store for you.

Boy and girl love each. Have a few fights with each other. Like any other couple. Boy saves girl from a horrible live. (As I hear it. Still not sure the hole story but never the less) Saved her while still in high school. He talks his over bearing parents in to letting her live there. They date for a total of two years. Now in college. Girl is under a lot of stress. Working, going to school, boyfriend and what not. Totally understandable.

Boy and girl still in love. Nothing wrong. Now out of no where girl loses mind. Decides she can’t do this anymore. Has to go to the hospital for 72 hours before she can leave. The day she gets out her mother who hasn’t really been in the picture picks her up takes her to her house that is about 3 hours or more away. Talking her into moving there; leaving everyone and everything that has helped her get her life in order for the passed two years.

Her mother lets girl get away with everything. A tattoo, new piercings and what not. She decides to leave boy for a new boyfriend. (Let’s call him boy 2.) Mother lets girl let boy 2 stay the night, shower together, sleep together. Even when she knew boy 1 loves her more then anything. Boy 1’s family has signed bank notes and what not for her to go to college. Let her live in there house for a year. She had barely left boy 1 before she had cheated on him with boy 2. Girl and boy was waiting to do anything together until marriage. What the hell?

I truly don’t think girl loved boy. She has a fight with new boyfriend and runs to boy 1 for help. WTF?!? Boy 1 loves her so much that he listens. Helps her. His heart is breaking. . .She doesn’t seem to care. She says things just to hurt him. She even brings new boyfriend to boy 1’s house to get her stuff. If I had been boy 1 I would have kicked boy 2’s ass so hard he would have been coughing boot weeks from now.

God dang! That’s all I have. I don’t understand. But watching this really bad break up has made me truly look at my own relationship and think god I love him. That I know that he wouldn’t do that to me and I wouldn’t do that to him. I have more respect for him then that. That she didn’t love him or she wouldn’t have done that that way.

If she had wanted to break up. She could have done it in a way for him to understand. But no one around her understands. I know she hasn’t called me. I don’t hate her. I don’t. But I will never trust her again. I wish the best for her but I will never forgive her for hurting boy 1 that way. He is such a great person.

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