Baby mama drama

Let’s say you have the person in your life. He is your world. Let’s call him Bunny. Okay, Bunny has girl that may or may not be pregnant. Let’s call her Baby Mama. Baby Mama and Bunny was together as a couple around a year, but lived together for a total of three years. One night before Bunny gets with new girl. Bunny and Baby Mama happen to hook up. Maybe or maybe not a baby was made.

Bunny tries to give Baby Mama every option in the world to show him the truth. To let him be apart of this wonderful world of baby. She clams to be around 5 1/2 months or so. She will not show proof, will not let him go to the doctor with her. He tries to be part of her life, but she always finds away to make sure she can’t meet up with him or starts drama or doesn’t show up. She tries to make him look bad. Telling everyone he doesn’t want to be part of his child’s life or telling everyone he doesn’t care but I know what goes on. He tries.

She clams to be pregnant but then turns around and gets tattoos, smokes and has sex with random guys. Hello? Really? Come on now! I mean, what pregnant mother does these things if she cared or was really pregnant. She isn’t pregnant. Well, as far as we know. If she is, OMG, I don’t even what to know what she is really doing.

I don’t understand. If you are pregnant, wouldn’t you, just show proof. Wouldn’t it be easy to show proof. If it wasn’t a problem.

Why keep holding on? He doesn’t want you and hasn’t wanted you in a good while. I hope Baby Mama gets it together if she really is. For her sake and the baby’s.

Crazy, crazy baby mama drama.

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  1. When my sister got pregnant and went in to make sure at the doctor’s office, they actually gave her a “certificate of pregnancy”.

    I’ve got a lot of baby mama drama going on in my own life right now, too. What’s with all the crazies these days-is it just me, or have they gotten more annoying over time?

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