Here is to you, Heather

On the 25 of June I wrote a blog entry titled Baby Mama Drama and I wrote it with no names to just get what I wanted out of my head. No harm in that. I didn’t write names because it wasn’t my place to say names but you got to love people that want to be known, no matter what. I really love the fact that her intelligence shows with her words, her actions. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. It truly does. I can’t wait to grow up and become all smart like her. This is her comment she left me on myspace. Got to love myspace drama. lol

Let me tell you something you bitch first of all you need to stop righting shit about me cause I already know about you and Greg what you have done to him. I told him the dates that I had my dr.’s appointments and I have the paper showing that I am having his baby. I do not sleep around, becuase unlike some people I loved Greg and still do. I never fucked any guy when I was with him. Why you are trying to be my friend now I don’t know but you just found yourself worse then a friend. I know Greg is moving out. And I do smoke but you are not my dr. or my mother. I did get a tattoo and the guy that did it new it. So mind your own and leave me the fuck alone. You can show Greg this because I don’t give a shit. I want this baby to get here fast now cause I got a presant for you in three months —Heather (her myspace)

Now, don’t get me wrong. Like I said in my other blogs, I don’t remember not being able to write whatever I want in a blog entry. I have stated this many times before. What happen to freedom of speech and all. That is correct, I still live in the land of the free.

Oh, wait, I guess that comes in to play when I start getting my self “knocked-up” and getting tattoos and smoking. I really want my child to come out with extra fingers and toes. Score one for her. That is right there next to eating fish and playing with raw waste. Yeah, I do believe she is doing everything right, you know? NOT!

I do understand, not everyone is perfect and we all do things from time to time that isn’t the brightest moments. But where do you get that it is a good idea to do the things you openly agreed on doing. Hello? I mean, did you even finish high school. You are the people that give Kentucky a bad name.

In her about me section even cracks me up. Get this:

Hi again. For those who don’t know me, my name is Heather I am 23 years old and can be nice and can be mean however you treat me. I love to draw and I love music. But what I love the most is my family. I could not ask for a better family. What I want in life is to be happy and I am just that. I have to keep my head up and live life each day like its my last. My friends keep me on my toes and keep me smiling and without them I would not be who I am today. I am out going and outspoken lol, but I will make you laugh. I also forgot to tell you I have 5 tattoos now I just got one the other day on my foot. I love it. Ok I am done. So if you want to get to know me more message me.

I wanted to high light the fact she openly says how she is getting tattoos since she has become pregnant. Really? Where did that become a good idea? Like Cammie said Why take a chance on catching a blood born infection. That shows how much you really care. Come on now. I have already told this girl more then once she was a waste of air. The more and more I hear about her, the more and more I truly believe this. I have and never will wish harm to anyone or anything. I hope and pray that her child comes out healthy. Since she is doing everything sooooo right.

On to Cammie’s comment:

Taking the chance of catching a blood born infection while being pregnant is really smart now isn’t it?

I would watch it with the threats if I were you because I take threats to my friends very personally.

Jen can write anything she wants about you or anyone else it is called freedom of speech.

Jen wrote a blog entry not naming names just putting her thoughts out on the matter and you step right up proudly to put a name and a face to it and completely air your situation and awful parenting skills to the world?

Obviously, your lack of intelligence and the fundamental lack of education that you have shines brightly though your decisions and statements made here. —Cammie (her web site)

I am not even going to get in to the rest of Heather’s comment. I really feel like I am repeating myself. I will left the comments and her actions speak for themselves.

If she can’t leave it be, then I can’t. By the way Heather, if you want to find me. I am more then willing to give you my number so we can talk. Or you can act like a child some more and write another comment on myspace or whatever or how ever you want to handle it. But some of us do work and have a real life and home to go to. So, you would need to contact me after my 40 hours a week.


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