I’m bad luck. Stay away.

Tired. I was up early getting my oil changed. Yet again, my days off fly by and today I have to be at work again.

I hope within the next couple of days I can move everything from Geek Talk over to my new server. I have been to busy to even do that. I haven’t really been checking email and what not. I had a hard weeks.

As you read my last post, my car got broken into, then it got broken in to again. Twice within ten hours. Then Sunday my Cookie Marie (my puppy I have had since I was 9) passed away. Then just stuff like that all week. Nothing seems to make it better.

Bad luck all around. Maybe things will look up.

6 thoughts on “I’m bad luck. Stay away.

  1. Keith says:

    If you ever need a should to cry on, you know I’m here for ya. And you should know by now that I’m not gonna “stay away.” 😀

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