Can you give me credit. . .

I tell myself all the time, a day does not go by that someone does make me go “WTF, amazing”. lol I swear. I work in customer care. I take phone calls all day. Don’t call me and tell me that “You are going to remove this and credit be back because you said so”. You know what I will do. For the rest of the call I will not help you in anyway. I give credit based on a few things. Such as good payment history. How ofter you call. How often you ask for credit or if you have ever had credit given. I do not give it to people that call me nasty and racist. I am sorry, you don’t know if you are in roaming or not. I am sorry you can’t pay your bills. I am sorry you don’t know when your in another country.

I normally don’t mind my job. It is a job. It pays my bills. To break down my job. I get paid to listen to people yell and then want things from me. I also activate phones. I tell people why they are getting charged. Then I get yelled at more. I inform people of past due balances and then ask for a payment. This also hints in more yelling. I also, take payments. That is my job 8 hours a day; 40 hours a week.

The peaks of my job. I get to sit at a desk. I enjoy my work place. I like the people I work with. I get paid to sit. I am warm in winter and cold during summer. Over all it isn’t bad. Just bad moments. I just don’t understand people.

Why ask for so much and not respect the person your talking to. I couldn’t handle yelling at someone and then be like “By the way, can you give me credit or can you do this for me.” Hello? WTF? I can’t handle it. I hate people. I really do. Well, most people.

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  1. @Cammie You know what is funny? I swear I had a customer that totally asked me if I could give credit back for a battery she bought from someone else. I couldn’t make this stuff up. I asked her “How can I give you credit for something that you didn’t buy from us?”

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