It shall be

10 days to my birthday. What I thought I wanted. I do not. What I do want is something silly and the person I wanted to be spending it with. Most likely won’t happen. I might try to hang out with someone on my birthday. No reason to be alone. I’m already working that day.

I’m so super broke. I don’t even have money to get myself the stuff to make my cake. I don’t have the money to do anything.

That Friday the 14th I get paid. I am totally doing something stupid like myself a new phone. I don’t care. I never do anything for myself. 99% I work and pay bills. Never spend money on anything but bills, food and gas. So, for once I am going to buy myself something awesome. It will be my birthday and Yale gift all in one. It shall be, the G1. The awesome new phone from T-mobile.

Nothing else to really report. I’m going crazy but nothing new there. lol I guess I’m off to search the random web for well. . .random things. lol