Lets recap what has happen this month. It has been a very wonderful and very horrible month so far. Well, year. At the first start of the month I got to meet my best friend of almost 9 years for the first time. Then at the end of the month I got my car broken in to for the 3rd time in seven months. Their has been a horrible ice storm this week that has knocked out cell towers, power in a lot of areas and most land lines are messed up. Great plus. NOT.

I hope the rest of the year or at least even the up coming month is going to be better. It has to look up, right? Right? Come one. Please.

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  1. I miss you too 🙁 Yes, I am working on they layout but, somehow the colors just aren’t coming together right. But, I did get it all converted to WordPress and widgetized to I just have to get the CSS done then I am good to go … eventually lol

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