The next step

I finally made the next step in my life. I applied for Bowling Green Technical College. I am so proud. I know it is only applying but I feel so much better to even have done it that fair.

I really wanted to go back to school for years now but I never did. I decide to just look over what they have and I found something finally. It is called Information Technology. It is a two year course but I can pick the course I want. And they have course that nothing but web design. I can finally get the a degree in what I want. I would be able to finally get a career in something I love as well. That is just dreamy and very sexy.

I am getting so happy about thinking about it. I hope that money isn’t what holds me back. Cody says he will help me fill out my info about getting loans and grants. I really hope I can get it all or most paid for. That is hoping for the best. 🙂

I really hope I can go to school and work around 32 hours a week. I think that would work out great. Go to school around 12 to 14 hours and work part time. Money is a big deal since I live on my own but maybe with the grants and loans. I can pay bills with that and not have to just work full time and die doing the rest. lol

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  1. I have been procrastinatig seriously about school. I know I want to go back but, I really don’t know what I want to do 🙁 Oh! I’m going to be a good girl and blog lol

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