I have had an iPhone 3G since February. I hated it almost from the start. I like features about it but didn’t really start liking it until I got the update during the summer. Well, soon after I some how dropped it where it cracked just a little. Nothing to bad. I could read and text just fine. Now it is cracked so bad at the bottom. I can’t see some letters when texting nor can I even play most games due to the fact I can’t see what is going on or read the rules. 🙁 Sad. Very sad.

Since I am not due for another upgrade for another year. I just bought one off eBay. It’s an older Window’s Mobile phone. It has a full keyboard. Which I miss since I have had an iPhone. I live in a place that doesn’t get 3G just Edge. Which sucks. . .so I don’t use web very often. I’m not missing out on much. I just want the full keyboard and the calender so I can mark all bills and dates of things.

I can’t wait til Friday. My phone was shipped tonight. UPS says it will be here by November 20th. Eeee! 🙂 I can’t wait. My data package will still cost the same. So, not a big deal. At least I will have a phone that isn’t cracked. which is totally awesome!!!