Maybe to happy

I hate people that only post about happy things in their blog. I know it’s their blog but no one is that happy all the time, no matter what. Life isn’t perfect and I know life is hard. But I can’t stand to read a blog that is happy all the time. Just like people, I can’t stand to be around people that act happy all the time. It’s not natural. It’s not healthy.

/end rant

Anyways, the cave tour went great even if I was sick. I woke up with a fever of about 103 degrees, almost 104. Turns out I had Strep throat. I got a Z pack which is a 7 days wroth of antibiotic. I started them Friday afternoon. By Saturday I felt a little better. Not where I should be but enough we went a head and did the cave tour. It was nice to go out with the family. We went to Long John’s and ate. So nice to get real food in me. I didn’t eat one bit of real food Friday. Jello and ice cream for me.

Today I am taking Meadow to the Mall / Wal-Mart / Deals and anywhere else that baby wants to go for her birthday. She turns 10 tomorrow. She spent the night with me last night. She mainly played dress up games on the computer. And watch TV. After we get back from Bowling Green, we are going up to mom’s to eat and have cake. :yay cake:

On an even brighter note, Cody comes home in 18 days! Okay, I must go get out of my pjs and in to real clothes. We are heading out soon. Meadow is in the shower now.

2 thoughts on “Maybe to happy

  1. Swetlana says:

    Hey Jenn! 🙂

    LOL I totally remember how I was waiting to turn 16 back then because that meant I’d get my ID and I was allowed to buy cigarettes and beer (not that I smoke or drink often) and then I was waiting to turn 18 so I could do what ever I want. Now I am just a couple of months away from turning 21.. times runs by soo fast!

    And also to me it totally seems like the years are over waaay faster than when I was a lil kid. I still remember how it always took AGES for Christmas or Easter to come around and now it doesn’t take longer than a finger snap and it’s already December again..

    Thanks! I kinda understand where you’re coming from with your rant, but maybe some people just don’t like to talk about the negative things whole internet. I, myself, really have a problem most of time I’ll keep stuff that myself. I’m glad you felt better after taking those pills and were able go on tour family. Sounds had great time! 🙂 Okay.. while reading blogpost got confused didn’t find any information meadow page.. or at least think so? who is meadow?

  2. Jenn says:

    @Swetlana Meadow is my soon to be as of tomorrow 10 year niece. Her & my other niece has lived with my mom for 9 1/2 years. 🙂

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