A normal life

I’m not sure how to sum up what I have been doing the last couple of weeks since I last updated besides I have been trying to get back to a normal life. I have been trying to get myself back in to working 3 to 4 days a week. Time with family and get a few extra things around my home done.

I have some great plans for my trailer. I have paint sitting at my grandma’s I am getting to paint my bathroom and kitchen. I also have bought new kitchen floor tiles to lay down. Which I did my bathroom tiles, so nothing new there. That is just the inside. I have some outside projects too but I’m not sure how to get to those just yet.

Then Mom and I are planing a Holiday World trip at the end of July. I hope that will be fun. I don’t hope, I know it will be fun. Mom, dad, me and the girls. I am sure we will have a blast. We are planing a two day trip. Staying in a hotel one night. A nice mini-vacation.

One thought on “A normal life

  1. Sometimes its difficult to just "sum up" what you’ve been up to when you’re in a transitional mode yourself. Painting is always fun! I liked when I finally got to repaint my room at home. Sounds like you have a lot lined up for yourself but hey, when you get it all accomplished its gonna feel sooo good to look back at the finished product. =]

    I haven’t heard of Holiday World but just googled it =P Sounds like a ton of fun! Hope it all goes fantastic!

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