Job hunting

I have been job hunting for the last few weeks or so but I have really put it into over drive in the last few days. I want to find something before we run out of school money and don’t have anything to fall back on. Not that we are a few dollars of running out of money but it would be nice to not get that way. I enjoy not working but I am a big girl and I know I need too. On the plus side we don’t have rent or anything like that due to the fact I own my trailer. That helps a ton.

But the normal bills do get heavy at times, electric the last three months have been $225+, water which is around $25, cable/internet $83 a month and lot rent which is $75 a month. SO really are bills aren’t to bad. That doesn’t include mine or his cellphone since that is daily living bills or car insurance.

I know it will be hard to work part time and go to school full time but I do have Kyle now and that makes all the difference in the world. 🙂 He is amazing about helping here. He does all the dishes and all the trash which includes the litter box. And I do laundry and vacuuming and what not. It’s a pretty even trade. He also will be taking care of the lawn this year. That in itself will totally be nice. 😀 I am so thankful I have him. It makes this life thing a little easier when you share some of the pains of life with someone.

Anyway, I need to do my other web page project for school. I already did my Database homework. Kyle is working on the Excel homework. Which sucks because the harder of the three. But like I said, we share in the pain of life and that includes school.

2 thoughts on “Job hunting

  1. Wow, have not been around on the internet in a while. But I do follow up on you through Twitter! =] Good luck with the job hunting – hope the job market is better where you are than back in my hometown. Its tight times for a lot of people, pretty crazy. I’m really glad to see how sweet you Kyle are together. It makes me kind of want to venture out and see if there’s anyone out there for me! =p But juggling a relationship with school and work is a bit cray cray…gotta bring in that $$ though. Its really great you own your own place, rent rapes so much of my paycheck I barely have enough for groceries sometimes. =[

  2. Good luck with the job hunting! I know how that feels; I’ve been looking for work for 2 years. I have a temporary job but it’s not enough. :/

    That’s still a lot of money to pay out every month. I’m so glad I live with my parents still.

    Sounds like you have Kyle well trained. 😉 No I’m joking, he sounds like such a sweet guy!

    Good luck with everything though!

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