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March 30

I am super tired but that’s because well, I don’t have a reason besides normal life. I have been on the computer for hours today and all I have done is goofed off and not one thing of homework. Normally I need to do a little homework every night to stay on track, not even ahead. 🙁

On the plus side, I do start work Friday. I am happy about this but on the other hand, I feel like I will never stay a head or on track with school but I have to do what I got to do.

I am trying to edit tags and place ones together, like college and BGTC. And I am moving old entires over. It’s taking a bit, since I have to place them in categories and some I have to edit tags. Not that big of a deal it just takes a lot of time.

I wanted to write a small entry and catch up. Maybe tomorrow I will do homework. . . Yeah right. 😀 I am going to try to talk Kyle in to a shower then cuddles.

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  1. Cammie – Apr 1, 2011 at 12:00

    I want cuddles too since I am sick 🙁 I hope your first day at work has gone well so far. Maybe I will get to talk to you online later (if we are not both too exhausted). I miss you so much but, at least I get to be there with you in 2 months! BTW Kidlet just found out last night that I had already bought my tickets like 1 1/2 months ago lol

  2. Shelly – Apr 3, 2011 at 23:16

    HEY JENN – so sorry that I’ve never been around on your blog. I always see your tweets though!! =] The computer has too many tempting things on it that can distract us from our homework. Like right now, I’m blog hopping instead of reading articles for class tomorrow. *sigh* What do you do for work?

  3. Jenn – Apr 4, 2011 at 19:46

    I would at Krystal’s which is a fast food place. I’m morning manager. I have to work normally 5am to 2 or 3pm. :blah:

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