All over the place

I have two more finals and then I am done with this semester. Then I have a week off, then time to start my summer semester. So much school. On the plus side, the money I needed to get my summer classes did happen. So, I don’t have to be behind in my degree course. This makes me a happy Jenn. 😀

Besides school, nothing much has been going on here besides tons and tons of rain. The weather has been crazy. We are having a flood here like we did last year. I might have to get pictures again like last year. That is if I can find my camera that just turned up missing. Go me. I lost a $100 digital camera. How does that even happen? I am really good about stuff like that and some how it got miss placed in this house. My luck, I will buy a new one because I can’t find the old one. Then when I go to move, I’ll find it and be pissed. That is totally my luck.

I’m kind of lonely tonight. Kyle is at work until at least 10:45 or so. I added a new page to the site, called Bookshelf. Just a page with what I am currently reading. I also, cleaned house. I am so bored. I hate being home alone. Either I sleep the whole time or I can’t find anything to do and I’m bored. I’m silly. I might go play Mario on the Wii. You never know. Or might change web pages. I’m kind of crazy like that too.

I have descried when I get my school money in the summer; I am going to buy a whole year of hosting. That way I don’t have to worry about it. I’ve been with Holdfire for over a year and a half. I don’t see myself moving servers anytime soon. One reason for the price I get good service. Don’t get me wrong, from time to time it goes done but hardly ever and all servers do that from time to time. So, I am happy at this time.

BTW, this entry is all over the place right now. I guess I will get off before I make someones head explode. lol

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  1. I checked out your bookshelf page– I have that book on my kindle waiting to be read! Let me know if you like it!

    Glad your school funding came through 🙂

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