Random Facts

About Me. hehe. XD Just a random post because I’m bored. I love those.

  • I love texting but I forget to text back all the time.
  • I love getting snail mail / email but yet again I forget or hate to write back.
  • I don’t really like talking on the phone with people that I see on a daily/weekly basics.
  • I love my netbook but I miss a full laptop. . .sometimes.
  • I love my nook but now I want a tablet and I might end of selling it because the tablet does more. πŸ™
  • I love my iPod but I hate my iPhone.
  • No real reason why I hate my iPhone.
  • I’m a windows girl from way back but I might try to buy a Mac this year.

Okay, enough of random fact 101 of me.

By Jenn

Beautiful, 30 something, geek by choice, happily married for 6+ years, college graduate, perfectly imperfect, blogger, fur mom, music lover! I'm tattooed, pierced & wild at times but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Project 42; the answer to life the universe and everything.


  1. I’ve always had a Windows, but I would love to have a Mac. I’ve decided that (when I get the money/a place of my own/etc.) I’ll get a Mac desktop. πŸ˜›

    I hardly get snail mail, but I love writing letters and whatnot. πŸ™‚ E-mail is okay, but I would rather write letters. :3

  2. But if you had a tablet and it did more you wouldn’t READ. If you have just an eReader, you’ll read. Right? Eh? I’m so smart.

    Also, you should text me more πŸ™

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