This father’s day

Most people don’t know because we aren’t proud of the fact but my father is in jail this father’s day. He never has been before but due to some very unfortunate events my father has to pull 90 to a 180 days there and then be on shock probation up to 4 years. Never the less, I never really realized that I would miss my father so much until he went to jail. I never realized how often I truly did enjoy seeing him, talking to him and so on. He is a good man. He hasn’t always been a good father but what man can say he has been 100% of the time. He has always worked hard and we always had what we needed. It may not have been the best or name brand but we had what we needed.

So this father’s day I went to visit him in jail. It was a little over an hour drive. We did get to visit for around 35 minutes. It was nice. Happy father’s day. I miss you dad, can’t wait for you to come home.