Consequences of any misfortune

April 8

Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.

It’s hard for me to read some peoples post about how much they love someone when I know the things they did to that person.

You don’t love someone if you cheat on them when they aren’t around. You might love the idea of them, you might even think you care about them but if you did, you wouldn’t do the things you have done. It’s not love. . .it’s they fact you have someone right where you want them. It’s using someone’s kindness in your favor like you always have. I have no respect for people that do this to people that has done nothing but do everything for you.

And don’t blame it on “drinking”. I was “drunk”! Bullshit! You know what you’re doing. Drinking isn’t a get out of cheating card!! Drinking doesn’t gives you an excuse! You just have poor judgement and need a reason to justify it!

/end rant

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