I need to get it together

Things I must do; I really want to move all my entries from all my blogs, including the ones from back in 2000 over to EverNote just because. That way I have them, but I don’t have to go “live” with them. If I don’t want too. Also, I want to move start keeping better notes over all. I think maybe getting a real laptop, not a netbook might help this. I don’t even know. I have been wanting to blog for days but have had the time or energy to really do it.

Also, I finally have enough knowledge to start writing some simple PHP scripts, but I don’t know what to use them for. I fail. Every project I want to do has a script already. But maybe I could write one for my. . .wait, no. . .shit. Lost my thought all together. Don’t you hate when that happens?!?

Blah!! I have felt blah for a few days. Not sure what’s wrong. You ever just get that feeling like something bad is going to happen or something. Yeah, I feel that way.

PS: I get to see Alex tomorrow then this weekend I get to go to his birthday. He turns 6. I can’t believe he was just 4 when me and Kyle got together. Life is happening so fast around us. I miss that kid so much at times.