“That’s often remembered. So many times that my memories are worn.” -John Prine, Paradise

my daily booth I’m Jennifer Ann, most call me Jenn. Unless your my mother and I am in trouble. Then at that time I am Jennifer. I am 25 right now, going on 40. I am the fun loving responsible bitch. I hate no one and I mess up a lot. I forgive way to easy and I love way to much. I hate nothing and I live a very colorful life is what I have been told.

I have had husbands, boyfriends, crazy ex-girlfriends. I have had room mates. Including but not excluding a gay man, a bum, my brother and college guys. And surprisingly enough never once lived with a chick. I dislike living with people. I am horrible to live with. Well, that is what I’m told. My cats doesn’t seem to mind.

My other half would be my Kyle. We went to high school, he clams I even talked to him but I don’t really remember it. We started really talking and becoming friends around August 2010 and by the end of October we started dating. He has to be the most amazing person I have been with. He does anything I could ever want. He even brings me breakfast in best some mornings. We started living together around December 2010 or January 2011. And now we are now married (11.12.11). We are happy the way we are. We have many pets which are our children and we love to play video games together. I love our life together.

Crazy as it seems the other-other half is my Cammie. We have been best-est friends for way super long and in that time we have know each other. Something like 12 years give or take a month or so. We have only met four times in person. Amazing. Still the only person I feel like that hasn’t left in the end and truly loves me no matter what besides the given mom.

So, here at this time, this would be my life. Colorful, never simple but truly a wonderful moment in time. I try not to regret and just enjoy this. I only have one life to live right now but here it is summed up in these blog entries from years of forgotten moments and memories that have been remembered so much they are worn.