All the people that I talk about in my blog may need to be introduced to some of you. Some I talk about all the time, others just here and their either way. Here they are:

  1. Alex: Erika’s son, our nephew.
  2. Cammie: My bestest friend in the whole world.
  3. Caroline: My first niece ever! She is the oldest of my brother’s kids.
  4. Cendy: Kyle’s mom.
  5. Cody: My ex-boyfriend that I spent around 3 years with.
  6. Dad: My father. No much else to say other then that.
  7. Erika: Kyle’s big sister.
  8. Kyle: My amazing husband. (11.12.11)
  9. Meadow: My second niece ever! She is Caroline’s only sister. Both live with my parents.
  10. Melvin: Kyle’s stepdad.
  11. Mom: She is my best friend. If we don’t talk every day, something is wrong.
  12. Raymond: My one and only brother. He is one of a kind. Crazy. . .crazy.