Our family. We don’t have kids, just pets.

  1. Mr. Kitty: My loving and very fluffy flat faced Persian. He is gray and white and loves tomatoes. Hates canned food and leaves his fur everywhere. He is the last of the Farinelli Fluff Balls
  2. Izzy: Another silly cat we have. We got her second hand due to her past owner finding out she is having a baby and the litter box smell was upsetting her stomach. We decided to take her and she really has fit in well. Mr. Kitty think it is his girlfriend.
  3. Spunky: The cute little rat terrier and chihuahua mix that we saved from the humane society.
  4. Charlie: Kyle’s mom’s dog that we took in so while she finds a house.
  5. Possum: A drop off black lab. He is cute and loving and has to play with everything.
  6. Shadow & Ms. Pacman: A teddy bear (short hair) hamsters.