Feeling Like it

I feel like crap. Totally CRAP!! It feels like I can’t breathe and I can’t eat. I have been sleeping most of the day and I still feel like boo-boo. :yuck:

I really wish I felt better. I want to work on a few things on here but I don’t think I even have the energy for that. It took most of it when I made the bed and vacuumed the floors and on top of that I didn’t even vacuum that much just the living room area. I swear I have been sick for over a week now and I have gotten everyone around me sick. Todd, Raymond and this all started from Caroline and Meadow. I love those kids but I swear I get so sick from then if I ever go to my mom and dad’s house to visit.

I guess I need to get off here. I’m going to get a bath before Todd comes over to pick me up. I need to do something to make myself feel better. :worried:

Strep throat

Never a dull moment around me. Tuesday morning around 3 or 4 am I start feeling really bad. I end up going to the ER and I have strep throat. I felt so bad. I still ended up going to my mothers and I am getting new glasses. They are so cute. I have to pick them up on the eight. I will have pictures.

I’m feeling a better. I have been taking horse pills since I got out of the ER. That to me doesn’t make since. How is it a good idea to give someone pills the size of a house with a sore throat. Seems real smart. NOT! :nerd:

:yawn: I’m so tired. I worked two tens and a nine and now I have to work another ten before I get one day off. Stupid Wendy’s! On the plus side, I do get paid tomorrow but yet again all my money is gone. I wish sometimes I wasn’t grown up. 😮

BTW, Jenny, the RPG I was talking about is Illarion. It’s very small but a very friendly game play. You might very well like it but I’m not sure on that.

I believe I’m about to crash. I must head to bed. . . well, a nice bath sounds good. . .wait, bed sounds better. 🙂 *blinks a few times and passes out*